Real Estate Marketing Has Now Been Elevated

As agents, we’ve all spent countless hours hammering out the marketing materials for our listings. From just listed postcards to single property websites to flyers to social media posts and on and on and…design choices galore.  If only all of that could be automated – well luckily for us NextHomies it is! NextHome’s new Marketing Automation tool takes all the hassle of creating those marketing materials and automatically generates a package for the agent to instantly print or share on their social media accounts. Not even 10 minutes ago my seller requested a price reduction on my listing so I dropped the price in the MLS and NextHome’s backend system and BOOM! I get this social media post to instantly share on my pages:

Simple, extremely fast and easy peasy

NextHome Corporate has partnered with Imprev to make this dream a reality. As the NextHome CEO, James Dwiggins explains:

With automation, agents have a repeatable way to deliver their marketing promise to clients — without wasting precious hours on repetitive, manual tasks. Imprev understands how important it is to deliver a consistent brand and marketing experience to our clients at every point in the home-selling process, which ultimately makes our brand even more valuable to an agent’s business.”

The whole system is designed to keep agents doing what they do best: servicing clients and not wasting time and money on (let’s be honest) subpar marketing materials. “NextHome agents can now leverage the full suite of Imprev’s services: Marketing Automation and the Design Center. After agents enter a new listing into NextHome’s reporting system, Marketing Automation creates and delivers marketing content for that listing until it’s sold. Content is tailored around four key events — Just Listed, Open House, Price Reduced, and Just Sold — making it easy for agents to use timely, relevant content to drive leads and engage with prospects. The service also constantly monitors each listing for changes; when a change occurs, all the automatically-created marketing materials are updated so they are always in sync with the listing and compliant with real estate advertising rules and regulations.” – Meghan Cheeney, Director of Marketing at Imprev, Inc.

To check out the full article from Imprev, just click HERE

Meet Matthew Gilbert

Matthew Gilbert is the Broker / Owner of NextHome Leeward & Company currently servicing 17 counties in Missouri and Kansas. After way too long in corporate, buzz-wordy sales, Matthew decided to realize his entrepreneurial dream and dive head first into the Kansas City real estate scene. He graduated from the University of Central Missouri late 00’s with a B.S.B.A. in Marketing. Since 2015 he’s been providing high-level customer service, support and friendship to clients and customers while keeping their needs above all else. He’s an active member of the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors (KCRAR), a licensed Broker in Missouri and Salesperson in Kansas although he is working towards his Kansas Broker’s license as well. 

? Personally, he’s an aspiring philanthropist, marketing enthusiast, Trekkie, husband and father extraordinaire (he and his wife welcomed their first son, Luke Thomas Gilbert in July, 2017), lover of most things (especially cheap beers), and entrepreneur. He’s very fortunate to be a part of the NextHome family and is looking forward to what the future brings!